About Us

Speed Style Auto Centre is owned and managed by Ray and Ben.
The company was "born" after we took possession of the keys in early 2013.

We spent 2 long hard months consisting of 15 hour days, 7 days a week, carrying out building work and converting the premises from offices into an up to date Car Sales, Repairs and Servicing centre, ready to open the doors to our customers in May 2013.
We have slowly built a solid relationship within the local community as an honest team of guys who always go the extra mile for their customers.  

We maybe a small team of 5, however we always make time for our customer's, whether they are looking to purchase their next quality used car or require servicing and maintenance of their existing vehicles in our modern and up to date 3 bay workshop.

Meet the Team


About Ray (The Boss)

"Keep Calm & Let Ray Handle It' is our team's Moto! 

He is our main "front of house" point of contact for our customers, he is usually found answering the phones and chatting away in the office. He's kind hearted and spends more time advising customers on what's best for them than selling cars! He has spent most of his working career in car sales, working for Main Dealers in the Ipswich area. He left the Main Dealers in the hunt for forgiveness and to become a better person after disagreeing with ways and immoral ethics!


Anything Motorsport related, he loves classic E type Jaguar and enjoys spending his spare time working or cleaning his 1992 Jaguar XJS Coupe. He also spends time with his wife at various Dog Shows or re-training rescued dogs. Ray is a lover of all kinds of music and tends to get carried away singing to one song or another when doing the companies book keeping and paperwork!

Dream Car

Jaguar XKR 4.2 v8


About Ben - (Rays Side Kick)

Ben is usually found flying around the garage trying to make himself look busy! He is our resident I.T. guy! As much as he hates to admit it! Ben can be found pulling his hair out with some form of technology, whether it be Diagnostics, Social Media or "Economy Tuning" a customer car. Ray is slowly training Ben to deal with all aspects of Car Sales, he is very friendly and always has the customers best interests at heart.


Drifting and spending a crazy amount of hours pointlessly repairing his drift car, only to crash it on his next track day. When he's not drifting he's usually tinkering with old Honda's or his Imported Nissan 350z. Currently Ben is also being dragged round every Wedding Fair in the country by his fiancé. Something that he enjoys immensely!!

Dream Car

1970's Nissan Skyline Hakosuka


About Josh - (Technician)

Josh has just qualified as a level 3 technician through West Suffolk College and has a keen enthusiasm for anything motor related. He is a very polite young man which is becoming increasingly rare to find these days! Ray and Ben have spent the last 18 months showing and teaching Josh the value of good old fashioned customer service! He has taken this on board and has become a real asset to the team and our customers! We really are very proud of him!

He has just been converted by Ben into the wonderful world of Mazda MX5 ownership and thoroughly enjoys it. He is often found dealing with customers that drop in as well as servicing and light repairs. We are slowly training Josh to answer the phone, carry out invoicing and running the Workshop in Ray and Bens temporary absence.


Most things car related! He would love to get into drifting in the near future. He spends any spare time helping others with their car problems as well as working on his new found love, his Mazda "v spec limited" MX5.

Dream Car

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 


About Richard - (Head Technician)

Richard has served 25 years in the motor trade and is a very experienced and skilled Technician. The years of knowledge keep him at the top of his game. He is usually found in the workshop covered in grease, getting his hands dirty with Dual Mass Fly-wheels and Cambelt replacements. We have noticed that he enjoys copious amounts of tea!! Everyone at Speed Style will continue to try and bring Richard up to scratch with the 21st century of computer technology, starting with how to turn the lap-top on!!!


Keen musician in a local rock band, loves playing the drums and is often found down the pub as far away from cars as physically possible. Although Richard is new to the team, we have already come to realise that he rarely "buys the rounds" and only keeps moths in his wallet!!

Dream Car

A free one!!! That doesn't break down or need servicing / repairs!

Ray Senior

About Ray Senior (The old Boy)

Ray Senior is Ray's dad!
He is like the "old mother hen" of the group and is always looking after the whole team as if we were one of his own. He is a gentle, kind and caring man who loves to make everyone cups of tea or coffee. Whenever he's at work we keep him busy with cleaning cars and his all time favourite pass time of helping the guys in the workshop reconditioning the interiors of Nissan Figaro's at his leisure. He might give us all headaches at times but we all love him dearly and owe him a great deal for the long hours of hard work he puts in. 


Looking after his dear wife and trying (but failing) to keep up with her ever growing list of house jobs. Senior also enjoys days out to Goodwood and spending time at his allotment. 

Dream Car

1970's Mercedes SL350

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Monday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
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Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Sunday Open by appointment
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The Crossroads, Ashbocking, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 9LA

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The Crossroads, Ashbocking, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 9LA

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